Tuesday, 20 April 2010

focaccia and possum

http://www.alexareynolds.com/garden10/focaccia2.JPGTwo very random things.  The first is that I made my second focaccia.  I promise not to take pictures of every single bread product I make but I was very happy with the improvement on this focaccia over the last one - more light and fluffy this time because its second rise went better.  Thick enough to slice and use for sandwiches if we wanted.  It didn't last enough for sandwiches this time!

http://www.alexareynolds.com/garden10/possfence.JPGThe second is a random photo of our local possum.  I was taking out the compost last night and heard a rustle.  A quick peek revealed that the little poss-poss was caught out behind a shrub at the back fence.  She looked a lot smaller than the big fatty I snapped in the fig tree, so my guess is this is a female and the other was a male.  They are pretty freaking adorable even if they can be annoying.  I'd much rather share my garden with them than with rats (which I have also spotted on the fence before).


Mari said...

What is that lovely red-flowering thing you have below the melon vines?

Alexa said...

They're French marigolds ... I think the variety is called Freckle Face or somesuch. A nice range of burnt orange to yellow flowers.