Wednesday, 10 February 2010

vines update

I'm so excited about my first melons that I have to share more update pictures.  Look at this little fuzzy melon!  It's still small but I don't know how strong the vines are so it got its little hammock this week.  I've started going out with a paintbrush to help the melons along, so there are a few more that I think have "taken".  For the record, pumpkin flowers are early risers but melon flowers are lazy - they don't seem to open until the sun is on them so I've had to do my rounds twice a day.
The pumpkin vine is doing something weird.  One of the branches is wilting during the day.  You can see here that it looks like it's about to cark it.
But by the evening it recovers.  I noticed today that about halfway up that branch it's a bit kinked from where it went behind that black mesh. So I'm going to cut the mesh and hope releasing the kink solves it.  There's now a second pumpkin on the longer, stronger vine there on the right but I'm hoping for more than 2 before the season's over.


Mari said...

What a doting garden-mother you are:)

brettg said...

Mine do that too, especially when the temp gets up over 30 degrees C. Pumpkins are doing will despite this...