Monday, 15 February 2010

first fig and a magnolia blossom though it got a good hair cut this winter my fig tree is loaded with figs, if anything it seems like more than last year.  I could tell they were almost ripe because of the unmistakable cloying sweet scent that I adore at this time of year.  A few of the early figs had already been pecked at but yesterday I was surprised to find an untouched ripe fig.  It was a bit bland in flavour but that's probably because we got 30mm of rain on Friday.  Lots of rain right before ripening tends to make big figs but waters down the flavour.  Indeed today after work I found two more fat, ripe figs, but one of them has split.

If the rain holds off a bit the others will have a better flavour when they ripen.  Not that I'm complaining about 30mm of rain!  They're talking this up as the end of the summer's real heat but I'll believe it when I see it.  But I've got to admit it's been a lot nicer this summer than last - only one or two days above 40, and rain showers every week or two.

And finally I want to leave you with this beauty.  I thought my little gem magnolia only blooms once a year but here's an autumn bloom!  It's just a shame they only seem to last a day or two at most.