Thursday, 7 January 2010

the plums are ripe

I was trying one of the plums and it came off in my hand, so I guess they're about ripe.  It had a bit of a caterpillar nibble at the stem end which may have made it drop early but I wanted to try it anyway.

Look at this lovely colour.  It looks like a nectarine!  So small though.
Here's the inside.  Very juicy, but the flesh flavour was quite bland.  The skin is the classic soury plum taste which I personally dislike.  Hopefully the next few are sweeter to counteract the tartness.
Or maybe I just don't really like plums!


Joy said...

hello! That yellow plum is THE most boring one (in my opinion!). I made some jam a couple of weeks ago, but next year I will add chillies and make chilli plum jam to use in curries, dressing etc. I think it might work well!