Thursday, 7 January 2010

begonias year I planted a row of vinca along the garage garden bed.  This year I decided to try little begonias instead.  There wasn't really enough sunlight to keep the vinca happy and begonias don't mind a bit of shade.  They seem to be loving it so far, they're thriving and they haven't needed much water.  Though we have had some decent rain which has helped.

They've never been my favourite flowers, but they are sweet little things.
Speaking of flowers, I ditched the pansies at the front door.  They were meant to be red and white but they ended up a washed-out pink and white.  They also wanted more sun, they were leggy and ugly.  So they were replaced by this little lovely.  The folks at the garden shop didn't even know what it was, it came in from one of their growers.
A bit of asking at the ozgrow forum found it to be Pentas lanceolata also known as Egyptian starcluster.  It used to be more common down this way but now it's mostly only grown up in the subtropical areas.  It likes a warm sheltered corner with no hot sun, so it should thrive near the front door.