Sunday, 31 July 2011

a hint of spring

I've been really unmotivated about the garden this winter.  It's the coldest, wettest winter I can remember since moving to Australia six years ago.  It's hard to be excited about gardening in that weather.  But today was a hint of spring to come - a perfectly sunny day with a high of 18.  How could I stay inside in that weather?

The bees were busy in my rosemary bush.
A few cyclamen plants that survived the deep shade under the fig tree are putting on a lovely show.
And the geum is already starting to put out its spring flush!  I thought it would wait a lot longer.  You can also just see the daffodils springing up behind it.
The hellebore are going crazy, look at this show!
Even Thatcher was enjoying the sunshine in front of a few spring stars.
The multigraft twig is putting out heaps of new shoots, both leaves and flowers.  That's reassuring since the last set of growth in the autumn dropped its leaves and died over winter, possibly because of the cold.  I just hope we don't get a bad cold snap that knocks out this growth too!
Which just reminds us that spring is still a month away. This week will be more sunny warmth but after that is a return to the cold.