Sunday, 19 September 2010

mmm gai lan finally planted enough gai lan (Chinese broccoli) to really enjoy it.  It grows quickly but you need 2 stems worth to make a small portion, more if you're feeding several people.  I have 8 plants reaching maturity and yesterday for lunch I ate two in my favourite way - stir-fried quickly with garlic and oyster sauce.  And in this case I had it with some pan-steamed dumplings from the freezer.  Now that was a great lunch!

Otherwise, here's just a few snaps from around the place.  My snow peas are still chugging along.  Although they're a "bush" type, they're still a bit leggy.  They outgrew their teepee and I've had to flop it back over the twigs a few times.  Next year they'll get a bigger teepee!  The broad beans (behind) still haven't set pods and I'll be wanting to use that pot in a few weeks.  I don't think I'll wait around for pods in the end.
I feel like I take this same photo every year but I do love my spring stars!