Sunday, 20 June 2010

hungry hungry poss-poss local possum has a green tooth. They're known for eating fruit and flowers but mine eats greens. It never lets a hardenbergia vine flower because it eats every new shoot. I have stood and watched it gnaw at the pine bushes outside the back door. And the other day I found that it savaged my pea shoots. I suspected snails at first but I don't have too many snails about considering how quickly they were chewed down to stems. And then I noticed that a few stems had been snapped clean off and carried to another part of the bed before being finished off -a bit of a trick for snails to pull off. And this is all that's left of them. it's still early in the season, so I planted some more snow peas and put a bird net over the bed. These plants may survive and if not the new seeds will sprout, and hopefully I'll still have snow peas before the winter is over. My luck with snow peas is absolutely rotten!

In the meantime, my second batch of gai lan and broccoli have sprouted, as well as a few radishes I threw in for fun. Hopefully I'll be harvesting them within the next few months.