Monday, 15 March 2010

bats and redbacks

I'd suspected for a while that possums weren't the only nighttime visitors to my fig tree.  I'd seen bats flying overhead and heard ungodly screeches but never seen one in the act - until tonight!  I took a peak outside and there was a grey-headed flying fox!  By the time I went inside to get my camera it was gone, so no picture, but they look like this.

Now most Australians might think, big deal, in fact, fruit bats can be a major pest.  But as an American they're still exotic and exciting to me!

I discovered a bit more wildlife in my nighttime garden.  I've got a loud cricket near the front door, including one flat dead one the cats probably found.  And whilst looking for the living cricket I found my first redback spider!  I've never seen one before.  It was right up against the house in a thin web and it instantly ran away from the light from my torch.  Their bite is nasty but hasn't been deadly since they created an anitvenom.

After having a bit of a look at the spider I decided two things.

One, that I should explore my garden at night more often.

Two, that I really shouldn't do so barefoot.


Elizabeth said...

Like your blog! have you found this site?

Alexa said...

Thanks! Yes I've used that site a few times in identifying birds. It's a great site!