Saturday, 24 October 2009

fat onions and white spiders much happening in the garden these days, I've done most of the work and I'm just letting spring do its job.  The Granex sweet onions are looking great, they're forming lovely fat bulbs.  They get about a month to ripen before they'll be forced to make way for the pumpkins and melons.

I was taking a close look at my designer twig the other day and spotted these stealthy little neighbours blending in with the white blossoms.  There were at least four of them, though I don't know what they'll do when the blossoms fade and there's no white for them to hide in. I still found three tiny caterpillars, which means the spiders weren't really doing their job.  So it was out with the trusty Dipel once again, a natural bacteria that kills caterpillars if they eat it.  I'm looking forward to when the twig is big enough I don't have to worry about a few leaves getting munched.  I'm also looking forward to next year when I can let it keep its fruit, it has so many clusters of blossoms it kills me that I can't let them stay on this year.