Sunday, 20 September 2009

first lemon picked my first lemon from the lemon tree this week.  It's the one to the right in this photo, compared to a supermarket lemon on the left.  As you can see it was a nice colour, the skin wasn't too thick, and there weren't too many seeds.  The flavour was good but it could have been a bit juicier - perhaps not enough rain?  Overall I'm very happy with it!  There's one more ripe lemon on the tree, after that it'll be many months  before the next green ones ripen.  I love taking "credit" for fruit I had nothing to do with - the figs and the lemons have done pretty much their own thing.  Though I have been feeding the lemon tree a bit of manure, fertilizer, and mulch which is more than I can say for the fig tree.