Wednesday, 1 July 2009

winter harvests've started nibbling at the winter garden now.  Here's my first head of broccoli.  It's really small but I'm not surprised, that garden bed hardly gets any sun.  I'm happy it made heads of any size!  But you can just tell that the buds were starting to swell and I didn't want to push it, hoping for them to get bigger but ending up with flowers instead of broccoli.  So it got chopped up and thrown in the fry-pan along with some garlic chicken.  Hardly enough for even one serve, but it was nice and tasty and Tom doesn't like broccoli anyway so it was all mine!

I've also been harvesting the odd snow pea.  The green Roi de Carouby is lovely and sweet with a fresh pea flavour that's lacking in store-bought peas.  The golden-podded peas are beautiful, but they're staying very small and they were not very sweet and slightly tough.  I guess I'll try picking the golden-pods whilst they're even smaller to see if they're tender at that size, but if they're still tough they're a bit of a disappointment.


Mrs. Phillips said...

Yeah, Tom and Dustin. They just don't get the love for broccoli that we girls have.