Wednesday, 10 June 2009

the side yard is done!

Before the horrible weather this week, we finally finished the latest big project, the side yard.  Here's a reminder of what it used to look like.
The big trick this weekend was to try to find stepping-stones to match the others in the yard.  After several trips around over the course of a few weekends, I ended up going back to the hardware store and getting something "close enough".  Bloody annoying effort.

Once we had them though the rest was pretty easy.  First we lay down the weed mat (yes, it is Dreaded Black Plastic which I railed against last year, but it's just going under rocks) and set out the step-stones.
And then we just had to fill in the pebbles.  We had heaps, both from digging them out of the fish pond and me digging them out of every single raised bed in the garden (now THAT was a pain in the #%@$!).  But how much better does this look than before?
All in all, a satisfying job DONE.


Mrs. Phillips said...

It looks fantastic! I am so impressed. And am I right in remembering that those little starters along the fence are fig vines? Whatever they are will look great in that space, now that it's completed. I can't wait to come see it in person!

Alexa said...

Yes the little green vines are 'creeping fig.' They're not an edible fig though, they're just in the same family. They'll just have lots of small green leaves and hopefully cover the whole ugly fence.

degarfs said...

Having a weed mat below the pebbles, can the rain water goes thru?

Alexa said...

Yes the rain water goes through the weed mat, it's not solid plastic it's more like a special kind of fabric.