Monday, 9 February 2009

another bad record

We had another beast of a hot day this weekend. It got up to 46 degrees - 115F. Hottest it's been in Melbourne since records began.

Thank goodness it was only one day, though the sudden increase and abrupt wind change whipped up bushfires that have destroyed entire towns just outside of Melbourne. Over 100 people reported dead, one of the worst fires in history - edit - in checking the news again, since this morning the toll has gone up to 130 with fears that it could reach 200 when they go through all of the houses that have burned down.

It almost seems silly to post after that. Whatever happened to my garden is nothing compared to losing a home or a life in the fires.


Mrs. Phillips said...

I am looking at some of the fire complexes online and feeling the loss of some of the lovely places we remember--the Yarra valley, area around Healesville, the Dandenongs (which you've shown us pictures of). This is terrible.