Wednesday, 31 December 2008

going to seed

The term "going to seed" means that your plant is flowering and making seeds.  It usually refers to vegetables or herbs, and usually you want to eat them before they "go to seed".  I thought I'd show you the spectacular show that lettuce puts on when it goes to seed.

This was my beautiful Frilly Pink lettuce.  We got one day of 30 degree weather last week and BOOM by the end of the day it had the characteristic cone-shape forming.  That cone shape meant it was forming a stalk to put flowers on.  Oh well, my rocket (arugala) is reasonably-sized now.  I also planted Red Flame lettuce but I'm having some issues; only one seed germinated and it's since died, not sure why.  I hope the rocket works out, I'd hate to go back to having to buy lettuce.