Saturday, 22 October 2011

chilean jasmine and drimiopsis

I've had someone write a comment asking how my Chilean jasmine (mandevilla laxa) is going, so here's an update.  I decided to put in another plant there on the right, it used to be obscured by the fig tree but the fig to a big cutback this winter,  So to give you some perspective, that's what they all looked like last summer, and on the left you can see how far the rest of them have grown over the winter.  They're fairly tidy in that they only want to grow along the wires I've set up for them, but I do wish they'd fill out faster.  I wonder what time of year they flower?
And here's an update on my little drimiopsis maculata.  They're not a common bulb but I saw some growing in the neighbourhood and managed to find some online.  I adore their spotted leaves, and so far the clumps have multiplied quite vigorously.  I panicked about 6 weeks ago when they all dropped their leaves before realising that they have a very short dormancy period just before spring.  These are their brand new spring leaves, which eventually lose their spots.  But at some point they'll also put out lovely spikes of white flowers.