Sunday, 30 August 2009

update on buds

The plum trees are covered in blossoms!  Last year they had maybe a dozen blossoms between the two trees, but look at this one this year!
And the bees have taken notice.  Apparently plum blossoms aren't that attractive to bees so sometimes people have trouble pollinating them.  But this afternoon there were at least four bees flying from blossom to blossom as if their lives depended on it.  Maybe this means I'll actually have plums this year ... and I'll be able to find out what kind they are.
Ah, the wonders of spring!

In the meantime, my little maple is powering along with lots of buds already this size.  Notice how intricate and defined this bud is?
Unfortunately the one that got hit by budworm isn't so lucky.  Notice the difference, how half the bud is stunted.  It probably won't develop fully even though I'm pretty sure I killed the worm.  I hate them, one little worm can really set back such a young and vulnerable tree.